Tailor made bacon voor retail, foodservice en industrie

Our products


Our production is completely customized

We are happy to determine the presentation, weight, cut, packaging method, and/or package content with you. After all, 96% of our products are packaged as Private label.


100% specialization

Thanks to our full specialization in a single product group and the immense appreciation of our customers, we feel confident in calling ourselves the ‘Bacon Specialist’. We have also used this name with pride in all our expressions and own brand products since 2014.


In addition to Private Label, we also pack products with the Bacon specialist brand.



Private labelling in combination with tailor-made production, tailored to each unique customer

Food service

Customized products for wholesalers, (fast food) restaurants or hotels.


Products of consistent quality that meet the highest hygiene requirements and standards

Family business looking ahead
at the future

With the experience we gained from the butchery, we started producing various meats in 1984. By the late 80s, we specialized in bacon products. Since then, our company has a rich history of growth, various new buildings and renovations. But there’s no time to sit back and enjoy, the next construction project will soon kick off.

Would you like to work at Haarlem’s fastest growing employer in a state-of-the-art production location?

Come pay us a visit, we are always looking for enthusiastic colleagues who want to grow with us.

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