Tailor made bacon for retail, food service and industry

Our mission

We believe in the power of specialization, and with good reason, because this has given our company its rich history. Our entire organization, from the processing areas to the employees and machines, are organized, trained and set to process a single product range. This leads to a highly efficient and high-quality production process and products. By continuously investing in our production location, we offer our employees a state of the art work environment, with the latest equipment and process techniques, which enables them to perform every day according to the highest international quality standards. 

Our no-nonsense mentality combined with a lean and mean organized overhead enables us to act quickly, flexibly and decisively in order to fulfil the wishes and/or requirements of the customer or to respond adequately to changing market conditions. We are very much aware that this can only be achieved through our long and intensive collaborations with suppliers.

Sale of the butchery

With the arrival of a local supermarket, the clientèle of Erik and Thea Zandbergen’s butchery started to drop significantly. After running their own butchery for 23 years, Erik and Thea decided to sell in 1984. With the proceeds, Erik Sr Zandbergen bought business premises at Jan van Krimpenweg 2 in Haarlem. Together with his two sons Erik and Robert, they started Zandbergen & Zn. Vleeswaren BV and made various meat products for wholesalers and restaurants.


The wide range of products proved to be insufficiently profitable to cover the costs. Driven by cooking programs on TV where bacon was regularly mentioned as a seasoning in meals, the three decided to specialize in bacon products.

Competitor becomes a customer

What led to the sale of the butchery four years earlier, turned out to be the key to growth in 1988, deliveries to supermarket chains. With a capacity that turned out to be barely sufficient, they supplied the first supermarket chain.

Growth in retail

Due to the growth in the number of (mainly retail) customers, the building was expanded and/or rebuilt several times. Various packaging lines were purchased to respond to new packaging trends.

Purchase of the first baking line

The Zandbergen family’s eyes went open to the future of fried bacon as a product, and so they purchased a baking line It took another 5 years before the first customer was supplied.

Two expansions

After the premises, which was purchased in 1984, was fully built, the adjacent business premises were purchased in 2005. Except for the outside walls, the entire building was stripped, rebuilt and put into use, which meant a doubling of the production area to 5,600m2. Despite this doubling, yet another expansion appeared necessary to keep up with the growing demand. In 2009, the building was therefore enlarged by about 3,200 m2.

Connecting the buildings

The departure of the rear neighbours made it possible to buy the street between the two production sites from the municipality. All of the former street was built on, which meant that, from then on, the two production locations would form a whole. By constructing this new building 15 meters high, a double-layered production location was created, resulting in a total surface area of approximately 12,000 m2.

New construction

In order to be able to keep up with further growth in the future, a building permit for a new expansion of 16,000 m2 was applied for and issued in 2017, which, with the current surface area of 12,000 m2, meant more than double the original. The expansion was set up to continue the current specialist business activities and production processes on a larger scale.

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